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'Monkey mask wearing Derry teen' refused bail over alcohol theft

By Eamonn Macdermott

A man released from custody last week has been remanded back into custody after he allegedly approached police in Londonderry wearing a monkey mask and carrying a 7ft-long stick.

Michael Kane (19), of Bond's Hill in the city, was yesterday charged at Derry Magistrates Court with stealing alcohol from a supermarket valued at just over £5, disorderly behaviour at Waterloo Place and having an offensive weapon - namely the 7ft length of wood. All of the offences were said to have been committed on August 19.

A police officer said he could connect Kane to the offences and told the court that Kane had been released from custody last Wednesday after being there since January.

The court heard that around 5.25pm on Saturday, Kane and another man left a supermarket without paying for two cans of alcohol. Police attended the scene and shortly before 6pm, a man wearing a monkey mask and carrying the length of wood approached police in Waterloo Place. The man took off his mask and was identified as Kane.

The manager of the supermarket identified him as the man who had stolen the alcohol.

Kane became aggressive and when taken into custody was placed directly into a cell.

He was unfit to be interviewed until the next day. He told police he wanted to cut someone's face off and wear it as his own.

Despite being shown security camera footage, Kane denied being involved in any of the incidents and gave a 'no comment' interview.

Police opposed bail on the grounds that Kane would commit further offences and would refuse to accept any conditions.

A defence solicitor told the court that her client was "very vulnerable" and had issues with alcohol.

District Judge Barney McElholm said that at the age of 19, Kane had 65 previous convictions and had been given "every chance possible".

The judge said there was no point in releasing Kane until he does something about his issues.

He refused bail and remanded him in custody to appear again on September 14.

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