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More cuts means more stress for pupils like me

By Laura Kelly

The news that Northern Ireland's two universities will be forced to take 1,100 fewer students next September, due to cuts, just adds further stress to young people like myself.

As someone in lower sixth form, my biggest worry is university.

I fear I won't get the required grades, as exams are getting harder and examiners are getting stricter, and I fear I won't be able to afford the cost of university.

Living in Northern Ireland I consider myself lucky as our universities charge up to £3,685 for tuition fees compared to the higher cost of £9,000 that English students pay.

But now it seems our luck may have run out.

Many Northern Irish students will be turned away from our local universities and forced to go elsewhere.

Moving away might not be an option for everyone and many of the students who do leave may never come back.

Laura Kelly (16) is a lower sixth form pupil at St Colman's High

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