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Morrissey Belfast: Singer under fire after show mocked Margaret Thatcher and the Queen

Charming man: Morrissey belts out one of his hits at the Odyssey last night
Charming man: Morrissey belts out one of his hits at the Odyssey last night

Morrissey has sparked debate after he mocked Margaret Thatcher's death and the Queen during his Belfast show.

Before the Smiths singer took to the stage a montage of images of Margaret Thatcher played to the music of Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

And then as he graced the Odyssey Arena stage, behind him was a mocked up picture of the Queen making a rude gesture.

Opinion was split following the gig as concert-goers took to social media in support and complaint of the singer, with some calling it "offensive".

However one said: "Morrissey does what he wants" while others maintained that Morrissey's views had been well-documented over the years.

A caller to the BBC Stephen Nolan said that it was part of his act.

He said: "He's very anti-establishment it's part of his act. He had an album in the 80s called the queen is dead."

"It's all part of his propaganda and the fact you are talking about it, you are playing into his hands."

However one concert-goer said they were more shocked by the 'meat is murder' video played which showed chickens and pigs being killed.

Morrissey banned burgers and hot dogs from the Odyssey Arena after the singer demanded no meat be sold during his gig.

It isn't the first time a venue has implemented such restrictions, with the star understood to request the concession for all his shows.

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died on in April 2013 from a stroke at the age of 87.

She was one of the most divisive political figures.

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