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Mortar bomb found at Derry PSNI station

A mortar bomb has been found by police during a security alert at a police station in Londonderry.

Around 1,000 people had to leave their homes during the alert which focused on the area around Strand Road PSNI station.

Several roads were closed and Lawrence Hill remains cordoned off.

Superintendent Stephen Cargin said: "Close to 1,000 people had to leave their homes last night because of the misguided actions of the people responsible for this incident."

"It is only by good fortune that we are not talking about loss of life or serious damage to property. While the device will be forensically examined in due course it is safe to say that the intent here was to kill or injure and create fear within the community."

Templemore Sports Complex and Brooke Park have been made available to residents still evacuated.

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