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Mother condemns 'cowardly' killers

The mother of a man shot dead outside a Belfast pizza shop has branded his killers as cowards.

Sally McManus, whose 26-year-old son Kieran was gunned down in front of three friends on Saturday night, said she wanted to confront the gunman who had torn the heart out of her family.

"I would really love to meet the one that pulled that trigger. It was real big of them shooting him in the back. It has just ripped the heart out of us. As for me, I don't know how I am going to get through it at all until these people are brought to justice," she said.

Mr McManus, a father-of-one who was known to police, was hit a number of times as he chatted with friends on Saturday night.

He had been working as a delivery driver at the Domino's Pizza establishment on Kennedy Way when he was shot. He had previously faced attempted murder charges over his role in an attack on another man in west Belfast.

Police have described the killing as brutal and said they are keeping an open mind about the motive. It is thought the gunman called his victim by name. A red coloured Vauxhall Astra was found burnt out a short distance from the murder scene.

Sally McManus said: "At first I thought he had got shot in the legs or something but shot in the back that's just cowardice. That is just cold blooded murder. It is a mother's worst nightmare - especially as it (the murder) was the most cowardly way."

Mrs McManus has appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

"Kieran was a genuine, lovely fella. He got into some bother a few years back when Kieran stood up to these people," she told Radio Ulster's Nolan Show.

"Kieran was a qualified youth worker. Kieran helped the community, he didn't torture it. He wasn't anti-social at all. There were no threats made towards Kieran from dissidents and he wasn't on no hit list - the police confirmed that for me. He loved life and was completely focused on his wee boy. Now that wee child has to grow up without a father. I just hope those people are proud of themselves."


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