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Mother loses tug-of-love fight

A woman has lost a Supreme Court fight with her mother in Lithuania over custody of her nine-year-old son.

The youngster was born in Lithuania and, when he was one, his mother moved to Northern Ireland leaving him in the care of his grandparents, Supreme Court justices heard.

Two years ago she returned to Lithuania to claim him. Lawyers advised that taking legal action to obtain custody would be costly and the woman seized him as he walked from school and took him back to Northern Ireland.

The youngster's grandmother claimed that he had been wrongfully retained in breach of international law.

She lost court fights in Northern Ireland but the Supreme Court - the highest in the UK - ruled in her favour today .

Justices ruled that the grandmother enjoyed "rights of custody", that the removal of the boy from Lithuania had been wrongful, and that he should be returned.

No one involved was identified in a written Supreme Court ruling delivered after a hearing in London.


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