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Mother of tragic nun killed in Ecuadorian quake is laid to rest

The funeral of Margaret Crockett at St Columba’s Church yesterday
The funeral of Margaret Crockett at St Columba’s Church yesterday
Donna Deeney

By Donna Deeney

The mother of a Londonderry nun who perished during an Ecuadorian earthquake three years ago was laid to rest alongside her yesterday.

Hundreds of mourners gathered at St Columba's Church, Long Tower, for the funeral of Margaret Crockett (58), who passed away on Sunday.

It was at the same church where Requiem Mass for her daughter, Sister Clare (33), was celebrated in 2016. The congregation was led by her two surviving daughters Shauna and Megan, five grandchildren and wider family circle.

Parish priest Fr Aidan Mullan comforted them with the reminder that their tears were a sign of their love for their mother and grandmother.

He said: "I would say to the grandchildren, it is a lovely human thing to weep because every tear is an indicator of your love for your grandmother and to Shauna, Megan and the other family members, you have shed tears.

"Remember every tear is a measure of your love.

"To mourn, lament, to show your grief, to show your heartache and sigh is an indicator of the affection you had for your mother, grandmother and sister. It is very human to mourn. Jesus wept.

"When we love someone dearly, we want it to last forever.

"We know as human beings that isolation and separation are deadly and painful things on this Earth.

"You experienced it with the death of your sister Clare. Your mother experienced the grief, the pain, the isolation and the separation with the death of Clare."

Fr Mullan told the hundreds of mourners gathered in the church that they should give thanks for the life of Margaret Crockett and all that it contained.

He continued: "We give thanks for Margaret who brought love and joy into your lives in different ways.

"We give thanks that she carried the cross of suffering in so many ways that we went through and talked about during the wake.

"There were joys and sorrows, high points and low points but we give thanks to God for this woman of faith that soldiered through it all.

"She died before her time but she died full of faith and full of love, and may you as family members remember and copy her example of love."

After the service interment took place in the City Cemetery.

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