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Mother still battling to get girl (7) returned to her

By Brian Farmer

A woman whose daughter was taken from her care by her ex-husband three years ago is preparing for another Christmas without the little girl.

Elsa Salama - now seven -is thought to be in Egypt with members of her Egyptian father's family.

A High Court judge was told that the youngster's whereabouts still remained unknown.

Elsa's mother Naomi Button, a leadership consultant from Leeds who is in her 40s, began family court litigation after Tamer Salama, a teacher in his 30s who comes from Southampton, took the little girl in December 2011.

Mr Salama was jailed by a judge for breaching High Court orders to arrange Elsa's return to England or to reveal where she was, in January 2012.

He was released after a judge ruled in December 2013 that continuing to keep him in prison would not be proportionate or justifiable.

Mrs Justice Hogg was told that Elsa's whereabouts were still not known.

A lawyer representing Ms Button said Elsa was thought to be in Egypt with Mr Salama's relatives but had now started to have Skype calls with her mother.

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