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Mother's horror after children left 'plastered' in excrement after visit to Northern Ireland leisure centre

No evidence of alleged incident, says council

By Jonathan Bell

A woman has told of her horror after her two young children were left "plastered" in excrement after a visit to a Northern Ireland leisure centre.

The two little boys had been to Sixmile Leisure Centre in Ballyclare for swimming when the horrific incident occurred.

She said that the two boys, aged five and seven, along their father got out of the pool to get dried off.

Their father covered them in a towel and they went into a cubicle. While he quickly dried himself off, he heard the children scream.

"Someone had left a message behind," the woman told the Frank Mitchell Phone-In on U105.

The local council, however, said after being made aware of the incident it could find no evidence and is working with the family on the matter. A spokeswoman for Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council said an investigation involved viewing CCTV footage, speaking with staff and inspecting the cubicle concerned.

"The amount of it that was over them, that was over the floor - it can't have been a child," the woman claimed.

"The little one, he had a towel around him and he didn't see it and was standing in it. The other one was screaming and had tried to lift his brother out of it and got it all over his hands.

"My husband lifted all their stuff put their clothes on quickly and put them in the car.

"The car was plastered, they had to go from Ballyclare to Antrim sitting in it, it was everywhere - I still have their clothes in a plastic bag at the back door, I can't touch them. "

The woman said the children were left very upset and she and her husband had a "horrendous evening".

"If you had seen those two children standing in a bath getting hosed down and crying their eyes out with their hands in the air petrified to get this off them," she said

"They say dog's excrement is bad but human excrement.... I don't know."

She continued: "For someone to have done that and to have walked out. Every person in the land is capable of having an accident but you think they would have the decency to make someone aware to have it cleaned up and not have young children faced with this.

"I never slept for crying - it's awful.

"Whether they go back to swimming or not is another thing."

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council said it was made aware of the incident at Sixmile Leisure Centre on Tuesday morning.

"Having investigated, staff have found no evidence to support the alleged incident and have liaised with the family," a statement to the Belfast Telegraph said. 

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