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Mother's joy at fresh look into ordeal of girl aged 13

By Noel McAdam

Prosecutors are to re-examine the evidence against youths who a family claim molested their 13-year-old daughter.

The Public Prosecution Service has re-opened the case after the Belfast Telegraph last week revealed the more than hour-long ordeal of Larne schoolgirl Chloe Snoddy, who is now aged 14.

With the full permission of her mother, Chloe gave a graphic account of her experience claiming she was kept captive and tortured by youths who had 'tampered' cigarette lighters.

Although the Larne teenager knew the identity of her alleged attackers, the PPS decided there was insufficient evidence to bring the alleged perpetrators to court.

Now, however, a PPS spokeswoman said: "We are carrying out a review of the decision."

The PPS said it would not disclose any details of the review.

Chloe's mum, Carol, said: "I am delighted the case is going to be re-examined and I cannot thank the Belfast Telegraph enough.

"I am annoyed it took me to threaten going public before the prosecution service said they would review their decision."

Chloe was taking the train home from Downshire Halt near Carrick, and waiting for another girl, when three youths began grabbing and lunging at them.

Two of the boys are said to have had 'tampered' lighters with flames which shot eight to 10 inches in height. Her other friends ran off, and did not raise the alarm, but Chloe said she was dragged across the train tracks to a secluded area. "They kept saying at me to do stuff and I kept resisting. They kept on putting the flame up to my face.

"They kept pulling my top down and my bra up and pulling my trousers down. They asked me to touch them which I never did. (They) put the lighter up to my hair and singed it."

Eventually the youths ran off when a woman came on the scene.

"It took months for police to investigate this and then I just get a letter saying nothing is going to be done. I am not prepared to accept that," Mrs Snoddy said.

The PPS spokeswoman said the review would be in accordance with the code of conduct for prosecutors.


A family has demanded justice for their daughter after being told no prosecutions will be taken against youths they claim carried out a terrifying sexual attack on her. The PPS said after "careful consideration" there was insufficent evidence to convict.

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