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Motorcycle ace Jeremy McWilliams injured in pushbike accident

By Joanne Fleming

Veteran motorcycling star Jeremy McWilliams is well used to propelling powerful machines around circuits and roads at eyewatering speed.

But it was the humble push-bike which caused the Co Antrim man some serious concern yesterday.

McWilliams (52) informed his 37,500 Twitter followers last night that he had been "cleaned" at a roundabout while out riding with his son Jack.

"Just crossing a r/about with Jack behind and the girl didn't see me, ended up on the bonnet then shot down the road," he said.

"Nearly under the wheels."

McWilliams also tweeted: "Close call, got cleaned at a roundabout on the pushie today, battered and bruised but still here.. #9lives."

In response to concern from his fans he also tweeted a picture of a wound to the back of his leg, referring to it as a "flesh wound".

Last night McWilliams told the Belfast Telegraph he was "ok" but didn't want to comment on the details of what happened.

The KTM development rider started competitive racing at the relatively late age of 24, making his Grand Prix debut aged 29 in Australia in 1993 aboard a 500cc machine.

He went on to establish himself as one of the UK's finest 250cc Grand Prix riders.

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