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Motorists urged to have safety hammer

By David Young

Safety experts at the Dutch Safety Research Institute have found that electric window systems found in almost all car models stop working within a few seconds after the system is submerged in water.

Without specialist equipment, it can be nearly impossible to escape from a car which has entered deep water.

News of the research comes after a drowning tragedy in Co Donegal when five members of a Londonderry family died when their car entered Lough Swilly at a slipway in Buncrana.

According to Life Saver Products which makes safety equipment, 30% of cars in the Netherlands are equipped with a safety hammer to break glass in emergency situations.

This is because approximately 700 vehicle accidents a year in the Netherlands involve submersion in water, with 50 resulting in fatalities.

They account for 16.5% of the total number of car fatalities.

Experts recommend all drivers here carry a tool capable of breaking toughened car windows in the unlikely event of entering water.

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