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Mountain bikers dress up for Mournes challenge

More than 260 mountain bikers from around the world have descended on Castlewellan for a unique Europe mountain biking event, the Single Speed European Championships.

Castlewellan Forest Park was the scene of the weird and wonderful as mountain bikers from all over Europe took on its trails, dressed up as everything from Captain America to Superman, leprechauns and clowns.

Speaking at the opening of the, Down District Council vice-chairman Gareth Sharvin said how it was proud of the new network of mountain bike trails in the Mournes.

"Since their launch, the Castlewellan Trails have been visited over 20,000 times by mountain bikers from all across the UK and Ireland," he said.

"To now host these iconic championships which reach the wider European market whilst the trails are still under a year old highlights how important this activity tourism product is."

The Single Speed European Championships were hosted by Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Mountain Biking Alliance with funding from Down Council. Chris Armstrong from mountainbikeni.com said: "It was great to see so many people watching and we were delighted to also see everyone embracing the fun-loving ethos of the mountain biking community."

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