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MP: apply lessons of Ulster to Afghanistan

By Ben Glaze

Lessons Britain learned from the Troubles should be applied to Afghanistan, MPs have been told.

Tory John Baron said the UK's experience during 30 years of tackling terrorists and fighting a counter-insurgency in Northern Ireland showed the way for dealing with the Taliban.

Mr Baron, MP for Basildon and Billericay, said the US, like Britain did with Northern Ireland, could perform simultaneous dual roles of negotiating with peacemakers while killing insurgents.

Speaking at Foreign Office Questions in the Commons yesterday, he added: “As we proved in Northern Ireland, you can talk and fight at the same time.”

Foreign Secretary William Hague said the coalition was leading a “political surge” as well as a military one, with a “huge expansion” in Afghan security forces.

The Government has set a deadline of 2015 for British troops to leave fighting roles in Afghanistan,

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