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MP meeting over Libya terror cash

Mark Bain

By Mark Bain

A cross-party group of MPs met with Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt last night to step up the campaign to secure compensation for victims of Libya-sponsored terrorism.

The value of frozen Libyan assets held by the UK has risen to £12bn and pressure is growing for the Government to release it to compensate IRA victims.

Jonathan Ganesh, president of the Docklands Victims' Association, has spent years campaigning for victims to be compensated after being severely injured in the 1996 London Docklands bombing.

"It is very sad and heartbreaking that those who have been left severely disabled and bereaved by Gaddafi's Semtex are still waiting to be compensated," he said.

"Their suffering goes on and some have resorted to taking their own lives."

DUP MP Ian Paisley said: "There is a continuing injustice which needs to be addressed for those who suffered at the hands of the IRA using Libyan weapons."

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