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MP Nigel Dodds 'recovering well' after riot injury

The DUP's North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds is making a good recovery after being knocked out during the loyalist riots that have rocked his constituency in recent days, the DUP has said.

The party's deputy leader washit by a missile thrown by a rioter as trouble flared in the Woodvale Road area on Friday night. Moments earlier he had been talking with police officers who were bearing the brunt of the violent onslaught.

He was knocked unconscious for around 10 minutes and only came fully round in an ambulance taking him to Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital. As he lay prone on the Woodvale Road Mr Dodds was drenched by a police water cannon that was being deployed to subdue rioters.

The MP spent Friday night in hospital and was discharged early on Saturday.

"Nigel is making a good recovery," said the DUP spokesman.

He added: "He hopes to be back in his office within the next few days."

The DUP also released new images of the moments immediately after the MP was struck.

Last Wednesday, Mr Dodds was suspended from the House of Commons for the day after accusing Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers of being "deliberately deceptive" about the ban on an Orange Order parade going through Ardoyne, a decision which sparked the disturbances.

Earlier this year Mr Dodds was taken to hospital in London after falling ill at Westminster but made a full recovery.

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