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MP raises questions over other killings

By Donna Deeney

The arrest of a Paratrooper in relation to the Bloody Sunday killings raises questions about investigations into other Troubles deaths, a unionist MP has said.

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell noted that two police officers were in a patrol car on part of the route of the civil rights march three days before Bloody Sunday and were murdered by the Provisional IRA.

Mr Campbell, who was a fierce critic of the investigation into Bloody Sunday and questioned Lord Saville's findings, said: "The police need to confirm if they are questioning anyone in relation to that double murder or the other murders that occurred around the same time.

"Are they following any lines of inquiry against individuals who were not police or army personnel serving in Londonderry at that time?"

"It remains to be seen whether the current investigations will focus solely on the actions of soldiers on that day or whether progress will be made on arresting others who were engaged in illegal terrorist activity at the same time."

Meanwhile, the Government said it would not comment on yesterday's arrest. "So far as our overall approach to these matters is concerned, the Government believes in the rule of law. Where there is evidence of wrongdoing it is right that this should be investigated and, where the evidence exists, for prosecutions to follow," a spokeswoman said.

"We remain unstinting in our admiration and support for the men and women of the police and Armed Forces whose sacrifice ensured that terrorism would never succeed in Northern Ireland, and that its future would only ever be determined by democracy and consent."

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