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MP Tom Elliott slices off his thumb in knife accident

A Northern Ireland MP has sliced off part of his thumb after an accident with a knife.

Fermanagh and South Tyrone MP Tom Elliott sliced the tip off his left thumb off while cutting some plastic at his home in Ballinamallard on Tuesday.

He explained: “I was doing a wee bit of work at home and I was cutting some hard plastic. The knife slipped and I cut the top of it right off. It was probably about three quarters of the nail.

“It wasn’t too painful at the time. It wasn’t until later that night that it got worse. It was bleeding quite a lot so I tried to get the blood stopped with some plasters but I eventually had to go to hospital.”

He went to the Accident and Emergency department at the South West Acute Hospital but doctors weren’t able to sew his thumb back together as the Ulster Unionist politician had lost the missing part.

He said: “I couldn’t the bit that came off as I was out in a big farm shed and I couldn’t see it.”

Hospital staff said that the injury was very close to the bone and thought that he may require a skin graft but they are now hoping it will heal itself.

“The doctor referred me to the Ulster hospital in Dundonald”, Elliott said, “I went there yesterday and they considered a skin graft but they’ve said it’s probably better to just let it heal itself and I’ll be left with that bit missing forever.”

The part-time farmer said that it won’t affect his typing skills but he won’t be able to carry things on the farm while it heals. Doctors hope it will heal over in three to six weeks.

He added: “It’s not too painful now. It feels unusual and there’s heavy bandaging on it but I’m just getting used to it.

“I have to say a massive thanks to the staff at both the South West hospital and the Ulster hospital. They were great”

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