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MPs call on Prime Minister May to introduce government bill for Northern Ireland same-sex marriage

A group of cross-party MPs has called on Theresa May to introduce a government bill to legislate for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

A private member's bill by the Armagh-born Labour MP Conor McGinn was blocked in the House of Commons by a single objection back in May.

After Sir Christopher Chope blocked a similar move to outlaw "upskirting" Mrs May brought forward a government bill on Thursday.

In a letter to The Times, a group of MPs have now called on the Prime Minister to do the same for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

Signatories include Mr McGinn, Yvette Cooper, Justine Greening, the Conservative former education secretary and Green MP Caroline Lucas.

“It is deeply unfair that, in 2018, same-sex couples in Northern Ireland are prohibited by law from marrying but those in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are permitted to do so," they write.

"The lack of a functioning government in Northern Ireland should not delay the delivery of fundamental rights.”

When the original bill was blocked, Theresa May said she hoped an Executive would be in place to address the matter.

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