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MPs to examine Northern Ireland electricity supply

MPs have set up a new inquiry to examine Northern Ireland's electricity sector.

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee will look at concerns about the security of supplies, costs and constraints on the interconnectors with the GB and Republic of Ireland markets.

Challenges in achieving the target of 40% renewables by 2020 and implementation of the EU Emissions Directive will also be on the agenda.

Committee chairman Laurence Robertson said: " The Northern Ireland electricity sector is unique within the UK in having to make policies that originate in Westminster work within an island-of-Ireland electricity market.

"The industry faces several challenges in the coming years, including an ambitious target for renewables, achieving adequate security of supply, and ensuring sufficient interconnector capacity.

"Linked to this, energy prices remain an ongoing concern, both for domestic consumers in Northern Ireland and large businesses.

"Our inquiry will examine the reasons for these relatively higher prices, and look to make recommendations that will bring Northern Ireland in line with the GB and Republic of Ireland markets."

MPs have called for written submissions ahead of public evidence sessions in June and July.


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