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M&S customer pleasured himself while walking around store

A Northern Ireland man has pleaded guilty to pleasuring himself while walking round a Marks and Spencer store

Gareth Larmour was twice caught performing sex acts on himself at stores in Bangor, a court heard last week.

On one occasion the 26-year-old sleaze brushed past a fashion store assistant leaving a DNA sample on her trousers.

A solicitor for the Millisle dad-of-two claimed his sex crimes were a “cry for help”.

Larmour pleaded guilty at North Down Magistrate’s Court to charges of indecent behaviour and sexual assault.

The court heard how on March 11 this year security staff monitoring CCTV at M&S’s store in the Bloomfield Shopping Centre saw Larmour performing a solo sex act while he walked round the store.

Larmour was apprehended and then escorted from the premises.

More than a month later Larmour was caught doing a similar sex act at the Ethel Austin clothes store in Bangor’s Flagship Centre.

He brushed past an assistant and she became aware that there was what prosecution lawyers described as ‘some of his DNA' on her trousers.

Larmour was placed on probation for three years, with the requirement that he attend sex offender treatment programmes and live at an address approved by the Probation Service.

He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for five years.

A defence lawyer said placing Larmour on probation would allow him to seek treatment for his problems.

“He is a family man, but this bizarre behaviour has thrown his life into chaos,” he said.

“In fact these crimes are not sexual at all, it's a stress thing. In layman's terms, [he was having] a nervous breakdown and this was a cry for help.

“That cry for help has now been answered, he is getting that help now and the Probation Service is looking after him.”

District Judge Mervyn Bates told the defendant that he had been considering a jail sentence due to the distress Larmour caused to his victims.

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