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Mum abused by in-law of her partner, court is told

By Michael Donnelly

A young mum who thought her partner had climbed into bed beside her was shocked to find it was his brother-in-law, Belfast Crown Court heard yesterday.

The 36-year-old American, who cannot be named, is on trial and denies two charges of sexual assault on July 6 last year.

He had travelled to Northern Ireland with his wife and their young daughter for a double family Christening.

In a police video-taped interview, the women wept as she told how she was awoken by someone kissing and touching her.

She claimed she was kissed on the face and neck, before she was sexually abused.

The court heard that she realised it was not who she thought when she heard a voice say, "I wish I could see you".

At that point, she said she became "shocked and upset", later adding: "I just froze. I sort of sat up and saw it was him".

She said she then began shouting, "What are you doing? Get out, get out".

The trial continues.

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