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Mum meets girl saved by son's tragic death... 20 years on

By Staff Reporter

A mother who donated her young son's organs after he was killed almost 20 years ago has met the girl whose life he saved for the first time.

Dineen Walker's son Stuart died after being knocked down by a car in 1996 - he was only eight years old.

His parents decided to donate his organs.

"It was something we decided we wanted done for ourselves and you never ever think you're going to be making that decision for one of your children but it's so important to me that it wasn't another family going to go through what we're going through," Dineen told UTV.

Stuart's liver was donated to a desperately ill three-year-old girl, Laura Bedward, in England.

Laura's mum Susan said: "You always think you're going to be ready for it but when it does come, you think 'wow, this is actually happening', also I thought about the consequences at the other side of what was happening, some child had died."

The Bedward family reached out to the Walkers in a letter.

Dineen explained: "It was in the April that I got a letter from the transplant co-ordinator to say that they had received a letter from one of the recipients' families in England and would I like the letter?"

"Of course I'm on the phone going 'yes, yes, please send it'."

They stayed in touch and after years of writing letters and recently communicating via social media, this week the two families met for the first time.

The girl who was given the gift of life, now in her 20s, described the meeting as almost like a reunion.

"It's been emotional in some parts," she said.

"When I met them it was just natural and normal and it was brilliant, they are an absolutely amazing family."

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