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Mum of schoolgirl threatened by One Direction hate mob for splashing Niall Horan appeals to band to intervene


In fear: Levi Temple

In fear: Levi Temple

Niall Horan

Niall Horan


In fear: Levi Temple

A schoolgirl has been left traumatised after receiving death threats from One Direction fans for accidentally throwing water at Niall Horan.

Her mother has demanded an apology from the boyband, claiming they could ease her daughter's suffering by intervening to calm the situation.

Levi Temple (15) from Londonderry has been bombarded with death threats and vile, vulgar insults on social media after the incident at a recent concert at the SSE Arena in Belfast.

The backlash on Levi's Twitter account has been so relentless it was actually trending on Friday with almost 100,000 comments accompanied by hashtag #canyourespectniall.

Devoted 1D fan Levi was in the front row for a gig that she had been looking forward to for 10 months.

She was among a number of people who had been larking about with band member Louis Tomlinson, who had been throwing water over the audience during the performance.

Reciprocating, Levi threw a cup of water at Louis, but before it hit its intended target the tiny plastic cup reached Niall as he played an electric guitar.

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Clearly annoyed, Niall gestured at the crowd before storming off to another part of the stage, it was reported.

He then told fans: "Ow, things hurt when you throw them at people, alright? Ugh."

Crushed at his reaction, Levi admitted on social media it was her that threw the water and expressed her deepest regret - but this wasn't good enough for thousands of fanatics from across the world who have since threatened, insulted and ridiculed her.

While Levi wants Niall to say he forgives her, Levi's mum Michelle is angry at how her daughter has been treated.

She said the band owes her daughter an apology for subjecting her to such a hate campaign when they could easily have intervened.

Michelle Temple said: "This has been going on now since last Friday and the level of abuse that has been thrown at my daughter is staggering. There is no way the members of One Direction are unaware of what is going on, because they have been linked to the comments being posted. They know it is a 15-year-old girl who is being called every disgusting insult under the sun including death threats. This has gone way too far.

"It is totally irresponsible of them to allow this vicious bullying to continue without stepping in and saying, 'There was no harm done, leave this girl alone'".

Levi's level of devotion to her idols has not diminished and she is pinning her hopes on Horan saving her from the abuse she has endured.

"A lot of the people who made comments said they will never forgive me for what I did until Niall forgives me, so I really, really would like Niall to go on Twitter or Facebook and just say he forgives me," she said.

"He doesn't even have to use my name, just say he forgives me and knows that I never meant to harm him.

"We were at the front of the arena and Louis had been throwing water at me during the concert, it was going back and forth but when I threw the plastic cup, Louis had moved to the side and the cup hit Niall on the leg.

"I knew straight away he was upset because of the look on his face and I felt so, so bad.

"The whole concert was brilliant, it was just amazing, but I was nearly sick when I saw how sad Niall was because of what I had done. I admitted on Twitter it was me and I said how sorry I was, but I nearly died when my friend rang me on Friday morning after the concert and told me to look at my Twitter.

"I couldn't believe that 99,800 comments had been made about what I had done, it was actually trending.

"I thought it would blow over but it hasn't, but it might if Niall asked people to leave me alone now."

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