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Mum of UDA murder victim Glenn Quinn fears for life of second son


Ferocious attack: Glenn Quinn

Ferocious attack: Glenn Quinn

Ferocious attack: Glenn Quinn

The elderly mother of a man murdered by the UDA has spoken of her fears for the life of her other son, who has been told an attack from loyalists is "imminent".

Glenn Quinn (47) was found dead in his Carrickfergus flat last December, following a vicious assault.

Mr Quinn, who was terminally ill, died alone, suffering from horrific head and face injuries as well as 14 broken ribs and a broken collar bone after a ferocious attack with baseball bats and a metal bar. His killers laughed as they left him dying in a pool of blood.

Mr Quinn's brother Martin was later threatened for speaking out against his brother's killers.

He has now been told by police that a further threat has been made against him.

Mum Ellen Quinn (76) said last night "her life would be over" if anything happened to her remaining son. "It was bad enough with Glenn - I didn't say goodbye to Glenn, I didn't hold him - he died on the kitchen floor, on his own, and I wasn't able to say goodbye to him. Or hold him.

"I don't want that to happen to Martin," she told UTV.

" It's my worst nightmare. I've talked to him and said 'be careful, be careful'

"These people are psychopaths. I'm fearful for Martin.

"If I could lock him in the house I would do it," she said.

Martin Quinn said he was taking the new threat seriously.

"All I've done is ask for justice - and now I'm being threatened.

"Glenn was threatened on the December 29 - and a week later he was murdered.

A week down the line, what going to happen to me?" he said.

"I was told that elements within South East Antrim UDA intended to carry out a violent attack - and firearms cannot be ruled out.

"I felt sick to my stomach and angry.

"Bear in mind that Glenn got a warning from the same individuals, and a week later Glenn was dead.

"So I have to take it seriously," the retired civil servant said.

MP Sammy Wilson condemned the threat against Mr Quinn.

"The Quinn family have suffered enough and those who have issued this threat have no place in NI.

"The community stand with the Quinn family and all those seeking justice," the east Antrim MP said last night."

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