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Mum slams car thieves who stole daughter's specialist food pump

By Allan Preston

The mother of a young Belfast girl living with a rare genetic condition has hit out at thieves who smashed her car window and stole her daughter's specialist feeding equipment.

Six-year-old Mia Warren is one of only three children in Northern Ireland with type 1 spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) which causes muscle weakness and lack of movement.

Yesterday afternoon her mother, Lisa Warren, spoke of her fury as she posted pictures of the break-in on social media.

"So, to the dirty scumbags who smashed the driver window and broke into Mia's car and stole her food pump and feeding bag. Absolute dirty scum. How anyone can do that is beyond me," she said.

Remarkably, Ms Warren managed to recover the items shortly afterwards.

Commenting online she said: "Got the food pump back there; whoever stole it dumped it in St Malachy's church and they got my details off the inside of the bag and rang me."

Ulster Unionist MLA Andy Allen called the shocking theft "heinous and despicable".

"I'm friends with Lisa after helping the family get medication for Mia earlier this year," he said.

"It's despicable, the work of low lives who tried to see what they could steal from a vehicle and in doing so have stolen much-needed equipment.

"Once they realised what it was they've discarded that and thankfully Mia has got it back.

"Returning it doesn't take away from the fact they broke into the vehicle and the distress this disgusting attack has caused to Mia, Lisa and the wider family.

"Thankfully they're okay. Let's hope those responsible are caught and punishment is forthcoming for such a heinous crime."

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