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Mum thanks Northern Ireland fan for returning kids' money

By Cate McCurry

A Co Antrim mum has praised a Northern Ireland football fan after he handed in a purse containing her children's Easter money.

Keira McWhirter, from Carrickfergus, was so grateful to have the cash returned that she tracked down the Good Samaritan through Facebook to thank him for his actions.

Northern Ireland fans last night sang the praises of Belfast supporter Gary Taylor for his honesty.

Mother-of-two Keira had been at the Kirkistown races on Easter Monday when her and her family stopped on the Boucher Road for a spot of Easter shopping.

However, she was distracted while helping her one-year-old son Mason into his baby seat and forgot her purse was sitting on the car roof. She then drove off, leaving the money behind.

The purse contained £120 in cash given to Mason and his seven-year-old sister Carmen for the holidays.

"It's so easily done," Keira said. "I got home and thought, 'Where that is my purse?' Then I remembered I left it on the roof.

"Me and my partner drove back to the Boucher Road and looked everywhere.

"The football match was on so there were loads of people walking about - so we thought it was definitely gone.

"Carmen was devastated because she thought she wasn't getting her Easter money and I felt awful.

"When I got home I got a call from my work asking if I had lost something.

"Someone from Cool FM contacted them and said that a man on his way to the Northern Ireland match found it.

"I was so happy for the kids - faith had it that a trustworthy person found it."

The Northern Ireland fan spotted it in the middle of the Boucher Road before he bravely stopped traffic and grabbed it.

In her thank you message on Facebook, Keira told Gary: "You sir have done a very humane and honest act for two small children.

"A lesser person would not have thought twice.

"I hope you see this and know how appreciative myself and two young children are this Easter Monday."

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