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Mum who falsely claimed she was gang raped jailed for three months

By Staff Reporter

A mother-of-two who falsely claimed she had been kidnapped and gang raped has been jailed for three months.

Magdalena Brojek (23), of The Sidings, Breandrum, Enniskillen, pleaded guilty at Fermanagh Magistrates Court to wasting police time, at a cost to the taxpayer of £15,000.

She lied to her husband about being gang raped after having sex with a man she met on Facebook.

Brojek was released on bail pending the outcome of an appeal against the prison sentence.

A prosecutor told the court that on July 24 last year police received a call from Brojek's husband after she told him she had been gang raped the previous evening.

She claimed she had been abducted by three Lithuanian men and taken to an unknown address and raped.

The police carried out extensive enquiries and spoke to a number of witnesses, including a taxi driver.

He told them he had collected Brojek from her home around 6.30pm on the evening of the alleged attack and taken her to a house in Enniskillen. They had a conversation during which she told him she was going to see a man for the first time after meeting him on Facebook.

The court heard that Brojek's husband returned home from work at around 10pm.

They had an exchange of texts around 4.40am and she called a taxi to collect her and take her home around 4.50am.

When she arrived home in the early hours of the morning she told her husband she had been raped by three men. The police were called and they drove Brojek around for three hours, but she was unable to locate the house where she claimed she was attacked.

The prosecutor said Brojek was asked for the underwear she was wearing at the time of the alleged rape. She told the officers she was still wearing it, and then said it was at home and refused to hand it over.

She then admitted to her husband that she was lying about being raped by three foreign nationals. She claimed she had gone to the home of an Irish man and he had dragged her into the bathroom and raped her.

The Irish man was spoken to and said the sex was consensual. He handed the police his mobile phone. Brojek was examined by a doctor, who found no evidence of any injuries. She refused to hand over her mobile phone.

Police seized the phone from her and found multiple text messages between Brojek and the Irish man between July 23, and July 27, three days after the alleged gang rape.

In one she wrote: "Did you like the other night?" In another she said: "Don't think I don't want to see you again because I do."

The prosecutor told the court Brojek then admitted that her story about being raped was not true. The court heard that the PSNI Rape Crime Unit had spent 210 man hours on the investigation. Along with medical and other costs, the bill came to £15,000.

Defence solicitor Niall Bogue said Brojek returned home and gave this account to her husband, who contacted the police. It wasn't her who took the initiative or made the report to the police.

Mr Bogue told the court: "When the police arrived at her house she simply panicked and felt she had to make something up or go along with the lies. She realises her actions were very wrong and is extremely remorseful."

Mr Bogue said Brojek had no previous convictions here, nor in her native Poland. She is now separated from her husband. The judge told her despite her clear record he was satisfied the custody threshold had been crossed, and jailed her for three months.

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