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Mum's anger as 'disgusting trolls' target disabled son

By Rachel Martin and Jonny Bell

A west Belfast woman has told of her torment after Facebook trolls targeted her daughter, disabled son and five-year-old granddaughter online.

In some cases, obscene remarks were made about the primary school pupil and her uncle, who is disabled.

Michelle Dorrian said she felt "powerless" against the internet users who have banded together to harass her family, and said her pleas to Facebook to remove the posts have so far been ignored.

Last night the PSNI said it had launched an investigation into the posts.

The incident began when Michelle's daughter, Kerry Dorrian (25) tried to intervene when she saw cruel comments posted about a friend who died in tragic circumstances.

But she didn't expect the group of around 10 Facebook users to turn on her and make sexually explicit comments about her, her daughter and her brother.

Mrs Dorrian said around 10 photos of her family had been shared on the page.

A friend of the family said her "blood was boiling" as she read the comments.

Mrs Dorrian said: "I got so upset by it I had to stop reading them. It's disgusting and it's out of control. It's unbelievable they can get away with saying things like that about young children as well as my son and daughter.

"I just use Facebook to share pictures of Ryan so that the family can see that he's okay and what he's doing, but I never thought that this would happen. The thought that someone would go into your profile and do something like this is disgusting.

"I've been up all night thinking about it.

"I'm finished with Facebook after this - I've tried to report it and have contacted police, but it seems like nobody is able to do anything. Somebody should be able to stop this."

Police have confirmed they have launched an investigation into the messages and they have warned that people face possible criminal charges over the messages posted on the social network.

Inspector Roy Burnside said: "Police in Belfast are aware of a number of offensive posts that have appeared on a social media page, the contents of which are currently being examined by police.

"I would like to remind everyone who uses social media to be mindful of the content of any material they post online.

"Be responsible, otherwise you may leave yourself open to criminal charges."

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