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Mum's anguish at loss of son (6) who saved her life

By Chris McCullogh

A Co Down mum who was saved by her young son says she has been left heartbroken following the tragedy which claimed the little boy's life in January.

Six-year-old Joshua Kelly was killed when he was knocked down by a car as he crossed the Scrabo Road in Newtownards to give his granny a kiss.

Just a few weeks earlier he had saved his mum Clare's life by calling the Emergency Services after she fell unconscious at their home.

Clare suffers from ME and collapsed in the house with Joshua and his sister Saoirse present. Joshua called 999 and called an ambulance.

She told the Sunday Life: "We were getting up one morning and Joshua and Saoirse had come into my bed for their cuddles.

"I went to get up but I felt really dizzy and that was the last thing I can remember.

"I hit the floor and from then on, I was completely out of it.

"Joshua phoned 999 and told them I'd had a seizure and needed an ambulance. He told them it was his mummy that had fallen so they asked him if he could get a neighbour but he told them he'd have to put his trousers on first before getting Patsy who lives next door because he was only in his pants. Once the address had been confirmed, the paramedics were there within minutes and they couldn't believe he'd done what he did. They couldn't get over it.

"I was so proud of him. He wouldn't have been so good book-wise but he had so much common sense and he knew exactly what to do when I collapsed. He was amazing."

Clare said heaven has gained an angel but life for her will never be the same again.

"Joshua was only five and he saved my life," she added. "Heaven has gained an angel. I can't imagine what would have happened if he wasn't there (when she collapsed) and now what will happen now that he's not here?"

On the tragic day Joshua was killed the little boy was crossing the road to see his granny.

Clare said: "I was standing in the hall with Saoirse and he had run out to the gate because he thought my mum was leaving and he wanted his hug and kiss.

"He crossed the road, which he always did so carefully, to see my mum and a car hit him on his way over. It hit him so far down the road that I didn't even see the car hitting him, he was moved that far by the impact.

"I heard my mum screaming so I ran out but I couldn't see him, he was about five or six houses down the street and just covered in blood.

"I knew he was dead, but he let one breath out and it was just blood that came out. That was it.

"Every day is just a reminder of what happened. All I can see is the blood all over the road, there was so much of it. We still don't know what actually happened.

"Saoirse is only three and she misses her brother so much. If I didn't have her, I don't know what I'd do, I wouldn't be able to get up in the morning. He was just the best wee boy."

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