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Mum’s fury as son (8) in hit and run

The mother of an eight-year-old boy struck by a car in a hit-and-run in south Belfast has said her son has been left “shaken” by the ordeal.

Macenzie Bell was knocked down as he crossed the junction of Donegall Road and Sandy Row on Monday night.

He was returning with his brother from boxing when the incident took place.

Macenzie’s mother, Jayne Taft, who claims the driver fled the scene, told the Community Telegraph she believed it was a driving instructor’s car that hit her son. She said: “Macenzie was leaving boxing with his brother and was crossing at the lights. His brother had already crossed the road, and he was waiting on the green man showing up so he could walk across the road. The green man started flashing and as he walked out, he was hit by a car and went flying into the air, landing on the kerb.

“His brother was down beside him, when the car drove up the road a bit, then stopped. A guy shouted ‘is that the wee boy I hit’? He said ‘yes’ and he drove away.”

A couple who were passing by stopped to offer the young distressed brothers a lift home, but they refused claiming they “weren’t allowed to get into a car with strangers”.

Instead Macenzie hobbled home with the help of his brother, before turning up at up the house “in shock”.

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“His brother was saying ‘Macenzie is dying’, the two of them were in real shock. I brought him straight to the Royal hospital. They asked had I called the police, which I hadn’t. My priority was getting him to hospital.”

Macenzie was treated for shock, and various cuts and bruises on his body.

His mother had this message to the driver who hit her son: “Just come forward and explain why you left my child lying there. You didn’t even check if he was ok. Why didn’t you help my child?

“I’d also like the opportunity to thank whoever helped Macenzie. I’m still not sure who they are.”

UUP Councillor Michelle Bostock has appealed for witnesses to come forward.

“This was a terrifying experience for the young local child, and his brother who witnessed the accident,” she said.

“My party colleague and local Assembly Member Michael McGimpsey and I have contacted Roads Service, as we are concerned at the speed and volume of traffic that uses this junction and the main Sandy Row. There have been a number of accidents recently and over the years, and we feel something must be done to address the speed of vehicles in the area.”

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact |the PSNI.

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