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Mum's the word as wine-quaffing women get some sobering news

By Frances Burscough

Are middle-class mums the worst cuplrits when it comes to drinking to excess?

It would seem so, according to yet another survey about alcohol consumption which shows, unsurprisingly, that most of us like a little drink.

The "key findings" of this document go on and on, revealing fascinating facts such as 73% of us like drinking, a lot of us like that little drink at home and many of us, crucially, are quaffing above the recommended amounts.

These are just a few of the sobering facts and figures that have been published this week courtesy of the powers that be in charge of our health and well-being.

The conclusion is, yet again, that on the whole we drink way too much and we really ought to cut back. So, to help us along, what is probably going to happen is that alcohol prices will rise accordingly as a kind of incentive/punishment.

Although men are bigger drinkers than women, the findings seem to suggest that apart from the obvious binge drinking youngsters, it is the middle-aged, middle-class women who are the worst culprits of this worrying social trend.

You know, the mums who reward themselves with a couple of glasses of wine every other night at home after the kids have gone to bed?

Those secret drinkers who think they're not doing any harm when really they're on the way down a long and slippery slope. They're the ones to watch out for!

Well, I should know, I'm probably one of them. Having a couple of glasses every now and then is something I look forward to. I certainly don't think that having a drink at home is something that should be frowned upon. If it makes a hard day more bearable (and it often does, believe me) then it should be encouraged, not condemned.

So, thanks for that, Stormont. It's really good to know that our Government is watching over us like a big stern nanny.

Hang on a minute, though... before we all rush to pour our plonk down the kitchen sink and reach for a birch branch to chastise ourselves, let's just clarify something.

Is this survey being published by the same governing body which last week was forced to admit to spending a staggering £50,000 per week on "hospitality"?

Yes... that's right. I thought as much.

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