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Mum's the word: Stephen Nolan, Arlene Foster and Zoe Salmon in Mother's Day tributes

By Brett Campbell

Celebrities and politicians in Northern Ireland have taken to social media to pay tribute to their mums on Mother's Day.

In a video posted by BBC Northern Ireland on Saturday, Stephen Nolan (43) talked about the importance of bonding with 'Big Audrey'.

Using a special Mother's Day feature on the BBC website, the broadcaster explored what life was like in Belfast when his mum was the age that he is now.

"It's good for me too, because it helps me identify. I have never thought about what it was like growing up in Northern Ireland at your age," he told her.

"I really, genuinely think that this is brilliant because, as my mum gets older, I do know that I want to know more about her life," added Nolan.

"Every time you can bond with your mum, that's special - it's certainly special to me."

DUP leader Arlene Foster shared a family photograph on social media of herself, her two sisters and brother posing with mum Georgina on Saturday.

"My kids are growing up too fast but they give me such joy as they become more independent, with their own unique personalities," she wrote.

"On this Mothering Sunday eve, however, I thank God that my mum is still a part of my life and providing that link with my sisters and brother that is irreplaceable."

Writing the night before political talks to resurrect the Assembly broke down, the former First Minister thanked her mother for her continued support.

"Thank you mum for all that you have done for me and continue to do in your own quiet and supportive way," she wrote.

Former Ulster Unionist MLA Jo-Anne Dobson, who was a high-profile casualty in the Assembly election earlier this month, posted a photo of herself with sister Belinda and mum Joanie yesterday afternoon.

"Sis and I are so blessed to have our wonderful mum," she wrote.

"We get to grow older, wiser and stronger with her by our side."

In an interview with Sunday Life, former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon, said on Mother's Day her "heart really goes out to anyone who has lost a parent".

"Grief is such a strange thing and it would be very easy to spend your day just completely devastated with it, but we have to try and take the positive of it," she said on her first Mother's Day without her mum. "She lived such a long and happy life, with four kids and a husband who adored her, and she was just the most amazing mum to us."

Local actress Bronagh Waugh, who is currently in Canada where Mother's Day isn't celebrated until June, had to resort to DIY and create a card for her mum Bonnie out of magazines.

She made what she called a "kickass feminist card" for a "pretty powerful woman", and bought her jasmine, lavender and blueberry plants for her garden.

"They'll keep on going," she said, adding: "More to remind her of me."

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