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Murder accused's 'history of violence'

By Ryan Hooper

A woman accused of murdering her fourth husband with scissors after he refused to tidy up had a history of violence against her children and former partners, members of her family told a court today.

Sandra Clinch (49) was said to have been overcome with a “red mist” which “started and stopped with the clicking of fingers” at various points during her life, with victims — including her children — being driven to flee the home.

On one occasion she told her then-13-year-old son to lie to his school about the injuries she inflicted on him, and also left scarring to his temple when she hit him with a porcelain bowl.

Mother-of-five Clinch violently abused her former partners, as well as at least one of her children when they were just a few months old, Truro Crown Court heard.

Clinch, of Caradon Heights in Darite, Liskeard, Cornwall, denies the charge of murdering Alan Clinch (48) on May 13.

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