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Murder hunt police search house

Police investigating the murder of a teenager who went missing from her Portadown home 23 years ago are searching a house in the area.

Caroline Graham, 19, who was originally from Newry, Co Down, had been living in a flat in Hanover Street with her boyfriend for around two years when she disappeared in April 1989.

On Monday, detectives began searching waste ground on Carleton Street, Portadown, using new technology.

Probes are being put into the ground up to five metres deep to determine if there are any human remains. This is the first time this method has been used in Northern Ireland.

The search has been extended to include part of a house which is being used as business premises. Police are working with the occupants to avoid disruption.

In 2000, one person was arrested in connection with the disappearance but no charges were brought.


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