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Murder in Turkey: Shannon was not engaged to waiter accused of murders, insists father

By Adrian Rutherford

The father of Shannon Graham has insisted his daughter was not engaged to Recep Cetin.

There was speculation the pair had secretly agreed to marry after Shannon was pictured wearing a ring on her engagement finger after returning to Northern Ireland on Monday evening.

However, her father Raymond McGuinness said it was not an engagement ring.

"She was never engaged, it was just some of the jewellry she wore," he said.

Cetin is said to have become obsessed with Shannon since meeting the teenager while she was on holiday in Turkey last summer.

And it is claimed he was driven to murder Marion Graham and her best friend Kathy Dinsmore when his offer to marry Shannon was rejected.

Mr McGuinness met Cetin last summer, and said he had concerns about his behaviour even then.

"I went out for a meal with him - Marion and Shannon were there as well," he added.

"He seemed nice enough, a nice fella, but he did appear to be a bit on the possessive side.

"He was really crazy about Shannon, sending her love messages and hearts and different things.

"I had said to Marion: 'Marion, I'm not happy with this at all'.

"She said: 'Raymond, when she's back home again it will all fizzle out, it's just a romance and when she gets home she will meet different ones over here.

"But unfortunately it didn't fizzle out, he kept in contact via Facebook and texting and ringing all the time, so he actually knew where she was."

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