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Murder in Turkey: Shocked families fly out to organise return of bodies

By Anne Madden

The nephew and niece of one of the murdered women, Kathy Dinsmore, flew out to Turkey yesterday.

Robert and Ruby Dinsmore were devastated by the horrific news of their aunt's death and flew out to help organise the body's return to Northern Ireland.

Kathy (54), who lived in Warrenpoint, Co Down, was separated from her husband Dan Doyle and had no children.

Her nephew, Robert, from nearby Mayobridge, described her as "an angel, a warm loving aunt".

He said: "Everyone is stunned. Kathy and Marion were best friends in life, now they are best friends in death.

"We are all extremely shocked. My father George and his brother John, Kathy's brothers, are extremely numb and we are ourselves. She was kind, a wonderful aunt, a wonderful person who loved life, loved holidays and loved her friends."

Kathy had gone on holiday with best friend Marion Graham (54) and her daughter Shannon (15) to the sunshine resort of Kusadasi, which is very popular with Irish and UK holidaymakers. They would go there every summer and stay for a number of weeks.

Robert and Ruby have joined relatives of Marion Graham in the resort and have been in contact with the Irish Consulate about the repatriation of their aunt's remains. The families hope to fly both women's remains home this week.

But yesterday Robert's wife, Loretta Dinsmore, said they still had no confirmation when the bodies could be flown home.

"I got a text from Robert to say that they had been to see her remains but they don't know yet when the body will be returned," she said.

She described how the Dinsmore family and entire community are still reeling from the news of the double murder.

"The shock hasn't really sank in yet to be honest," she said. "The family are really numb. Warrenpoint is a small community and all families around here are very close-knit. Kathy was very popular, a bubbly personality. She lived life to the full. She had no ties, no worries. She never remarried, she just enjoyed life and going on holiday."

Loretta said Kathy had regarded Turkey as a safe destination and had been there several times in recent years.

"The blow is really unbelievable if she had died of natural causes it would be easier to take, but it is so hard to accept because of the circumstances," she said.

SDLP councillor Michael Carr said the Dinsmore family were a very large clan in the Warrenpoint area and very well-respected.

"I would like to pass on my sincere condolences to both families," he said. "I didn't know Kathy personally but George and John are very well liked in the area."

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