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Murder ‘may have been revenge’

The murder of a Lithuanian man may have been a revenge killing, it can be revealed.

Audrius Aukstuolis (29), who was stabbed in broad daylight in Ann Street, Dungannon, on Wednesday, died in hospital from his wounds yesterday.

The Lithuanian national was on bail for serious charges of assault and breach of a non-molestation order and had left Dungannon magistrates’ court minutes before he was stabbed.

Aukstuolis, a 6ft tattooed body builder, was a regular in the |magistrates’ court and was known to be very violent. He left Dungannon courthouse at 11.30am and was stabbed 30 minutes later, less than 1.5 miles away.

Last summer he was charged with the rape of a fellow Lithuanian. The woman claimed she was raped and then, a day later, burned on the toe with a knife he heated over the flame of her lighter. It was claimed he locked the woman in a room before |putting a knife to her throat and telling her to say she would stay with him.

The charge of rape against Aukstuolis was dropped after the |victim refused to testify and fled home to Lithuania.

Local journalist Tanya Ford said she believed his murder was a revenge attack. “I believe he was lured to Ann Street and stabbed for the horrific attack on the young rape victim,” she said.

A police spokesperson said the attacker was thought to be 5ft 6ins, of slim build, with dark hair and wearing a black jacket.

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