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Murdered pair Thomas O'Hare and Lisa McClatchey 'were doused in petrol'

Clothing belonging to two murder victims, allegedly attacked in an act of vengeance, had been "in direct contact with liquid petrol", a jury has heard.

Senior forensics scientist Walter McCorkill told the Armagh Crown Court jury that having examined "extensively burnt" clothing belonging to Thomas O'Hare and Lisa McClatchey, he found evidence that they had been "doused" in petrol and that their clothing, which they were wearing when it went on fire, had been "in direct contact with petrol".

Seven years ago this month, 33-year-old Thomas and his girlfriend Lisa (21) were attacked and fatally burned after a gang of masked men burst into Thomas' home on the Foley Road near the village of Tassagh in late 2006.

It is the Crown case that four Smith brothers, Martin (40), from Kevlin Glen, near Omagh; 37-year-old Niall, from Mourneview Park in Lurgan; Christopher (33) and Stephen (31), both from Mourneview in Mowhan, launched their attack in revenge for the sexual abuse Thomas perpetrated on Stephen Smith.

All four deny the charges.

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