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Murderer Adrian Crevan Mackin cremated without ceremony after being boycotted by undertakers

By Deborah McAleese

Funeral directors refused to handle the remains of Garda killer and terrorist Adrian Crevan Mackin.

Several undertakers were contacted by acquaintances of the killer to make funeral arrangements, however a number refused to get involved.

Mackin was secretly cremated in Belfast yesterday in front of a handful of mourners after one undertaker from his home city of Newry finally agreed to do the job.

In stark contrast to the State funeral of hero Garda Tony Golden on Thursday, when thousands of mourners thronged the streets to pay their respects to the father-of-three, the Co Down man's remains were discreetly driven to Roselawn in Belfast for a quick funeral service and cremation at 10.30am yesterday.

Around 20 people attended.

According to a source, the service was "quick, clinical and impersonal".

"A half-hour slot was booked but it didn't take that long.

"A priest said a few prayers and then he was cremated. Only around two-dozen people turned up, if that.

"He has been shunned by everyone who knew him," the source added.

Mackin's remains lay unclaimed in a hospital morgue as attempts were made to find an undertaker to collect them.

Funeral directors in Newry who were asked to handle the arrangements told the Belfast Telegraph they had refused the request.

"We were asked but we said no. We did not want to handle the arrangements," said one.

Another added: "I am aware that several funeral directors that serve the area, including ourselves, were contacted but declined."

Eventually a local funeral director who was contacted by one of Mackin's few acquaintances agreed to handle it.

The funeral director collected the killer's body from Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Co Louth, and brought it back over the border for cremation at Roselawn.

"Compare this funeral to the one held in Blackrock for Garda Golden. Mackin has been shunned by everyone who knew him. Anyone ever associated with him is clearly ashamed of him," said Belfast UUP councillor Jim Rodgers.

Mackin's partner Siobhan Phillips (21) remains in a critical condition in hospital after he shot her in the head at her home in Omeath, Co Louth, on Sunday.

Ms Phillips had suffered severe physical abuse at the hands of Mackin and was living in fear.

Garda Golden, who was remembered as a role model for the community, was shot dead by Mackin as he accompanied Ms Phillips into the house to collect some belongings.

Mackin then turned his illegal Glock pistol on himself.

The violent criminal was well known to Garda and the PSNI. At the time of Garda Golden's murder he was signing on after appearing at the Special Criminal Court last January on charges of IRA membership. He had been involved in reactivating deactivated handguns, which he was supplying to criminal gangs and terrorists.

The 24-year-old had been ordering weapons from the United States over the internet, which he received by post.

Separately, he was also buying parts for handguns online, which he then used to reactivate the guns into lethal weapons.

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