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Museum in tribute to The Sash singer Hayward

By Staff Reporter

The Orangeman who first recorded The Sash in the 1930s has been immortalised in bronze.

The profile of writer, singer, actor and Orangeman Richard Hayward has gone on permanent display at the Museum of Orange Heritage in Belfast. The Southport native, who spent most of his early life in Co Antrim, is best known for being the first artist to record the Orange folk song It Is Old But It Is Beautiful, commonly known as The Sash.

A member of Eldon Lodge No 7 in Belfast, Hayward appeared in several films. He died in a road accident near Ballymena in 1964.

Museum curator Dr Jonathan Mattison said: "Richard Hayward made a remarkable contribution to Northern Ireland.

"He was an outstanding actor and folklorist of his generation, and is fondly remembered by many, especially those from the Orange tradition."

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