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Musician records special tribute to uncle murdered in Miami Showband massacre

By Chris McCullough

A Belfast musician has released a single in tribute to his uncle who was killed in the Miami Showband massacre in 1975.

Stephen Dunwoody was extremely close to his uncle Brian McCoy who lost his life on the way back to Dublin from a gig in Banbridge.

Two others, Fran O'Toole and Tony Geraghty, were also killed that night on July 31 when the band's minibus was stopped at a bogus military checkpoint.

Two of the gunmen, who were all members of the UVF, were killed when a bomb they placed on the bus exploded prematurely. The other gunmen shot the band members - killing three and injuring another two.

Brian McCoy had posted an 18th birthday card to Stephen on the night he was killed. When the card arrived to Stephen the next day he was already in mourning for his uncle.

However, this week Stephen has released his single called Miami as a tribute to his uncle.

Even though the song has been written some 40 years later it has been dedicated to Brian and his band colleagues who were killed that night.

It will be officially launched at Belfast Culture Night in Rosemary Street Church on Friday.

Stephen said: "The idea of the music video started with an old 16mm film.

"A wee while back my cousin was doing some work in his mum's loft when he discovered an old reel of film which had lain there for 40 years.

"When he got the cine film converted to digital he was stunned to see his dad walk towards him on the screen. My cousin was barely four when his dad Brian died back in July 1975 and consequently had only seen photos of him. Brian McCoy and his band had recorded events when they toured America in 1968, travelling from New York to Miami, and this was what he was now watching. Earlier this year I had recorded a song called Miami and the McCoy family has kindly agreed to let me use the footage in my music video.

"It does not dwell on the incident in 1975, instead it focuses on a trip I made some years ago from New York to Miami. I spent much of the journey thinking about Brian."

The video can be watched at on YouTube by searching for Miama by Stephenwdy

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