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Music's branching out at summer scheme

Clandeboye woods to host special event for children

Lady Dufferin
Lady Dufferin
The Clandeboye Estate

By Linda Stewart

Some of Northern Ireland's most talented young musicians are heading for the Clandeboye woods to perform for children taking part in a summer scheme.

The musicians, who will be gathering at the North Down estate for the annual Clandeboye Festival later this month, will perform for children taking part in the Northern Ireland Forest School project.

Lady Dufferin, who is hosting the 10-day festival at the Clandeboye Estate, said 14 promising young musicians from all over Ireland will be there to learn from internationally acclaimed performers such as cellist Andres Diaz and violist Nobuko Imai. Ahead of the opening gala concert, the students will work with the forest school youngsters who will be making their own instruments from whatever they can find in the woods.

"The students are going to play to the children - they will go into the woods and have a day there with the children," Lady Dufferin said.

The 18th annual classical festival will also feature a fashion show, with bursaries being awarded to the best young designers and also a night of traditional Irish music with Celtic Orbit featuring pianist Barry Douglas. It will culminate in a closing night gala with Camerata Ireland, Barry Douglas and fellow pianists Daria van den Bercken and Finghin Collins.

Lady Dufferin said that the music she experiences at the annual festival also inspires her art.

"It's the most wonderful festival because it's very much in the belief that we have here of teaching students in every field, whether it's in music or the environment," she told the Belfast Telegraph.

"I am a passionate painter of landscapes and I was also passionately fond of music - I still am, but I have this problem of being rather deaf.

"It's more now a sense of shape and rhythm that I pick up rather than the total clarity of the notes.

"Also, in a sense, this fits well with my painting. In a way painting is also about rhythm and shape and form.

"I am enormously inspired and fascinated by the incredible craftsmanship of a musician and how the students are completely dedicated to their work.

"It's still an art form that has all the disciplines which in many formats have often been lost - the student really has to work."

This year the Clandeboye Festival is themed 'A Sense of Place and Landscape'.

Lady Dufferin says the beauty of the estate itself has played its part in inspiring countless young professionals over the years and has inspired new pieces of music.

The Clandeboye Festival runs from August 16 to 24 at Clandeboye Estate near Bangor.

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