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My shock after daughter told me of rape by healer, mum tells court


Accused: 'Healer' Charanjit

Accused: 'Healer' Charanjit

Accused: 'Healer' Charanjit

The mother of a schoolgirl who claims she was sexually assaulted by an Indian 'holy man' broke down in tears as she recalled the moment her daughter told her of the alleged abuse.

Giving evidence at Belfast Crown Court, the woman said the conversation occurred after they had watched a news report about a gang rape in India, and also publicity surrounding the Jimmy Savile case.

The 'holy man' accused of sexually abusing the girl is 46-year old Charanjit from Twinburn Gardens in Newtownabbey, who has been charged with eight offences including rape and sexual assault. He has denied all charges against him, which are alleged to have occurred between September 30, 2012, and February 1, 2013.

The girl, who was 12 at the time of the alleged incidents, said she was sexually abused on two occasions when she visited Charanjit with a stomach complaint.

The jury has already heard her claims that Charanjit diagnosed her problem as a stone in her stomach, and that whilst healing her, he sexually assaulted her.

The girl's mother said that following a conversation she had about the sexual assaults in India and the Jimmy Savile case, she had a "mother-daughter" talk with her child when she told her not to let anyone touch her.

The mother said her daughter was very serious and asked if she could tell her something and then told her what had happened to her, which left her "shocked and upset".

At hearing.

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