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My twin is a free spirit but this is totally out of character, says sister of missing Charlotte in emotional new appeal

By Anna Maguire

The identical twin sister of a "free-spirited" missing woman has described her nine-month disappearance as "out of character".

In a distressing public appeal, the family of Charlotte Murray revealed that the 34-year-old is due to become an aunt, a fact the missing woman is unaware of.

Charlotte's sister-in-law is expecting a child.

"Charlotte, you're going to be an auntie. And we just miss you and we just want you to get in touch, please," Charlotte's older sister, Michelle Mullan, said yesterday at Dungannon police station.

"Mum and everyone, we are worried sick."

The family last had contact with Ms Murray when she rang her mother to say that she had broken up with her boyfriend of two years and was moving out.

The Omagh woman had been living with her partner in Moy, where she worked in catering, in the run-up to her disappearance.

While she was reported missing by her sister Michelle on May 13, family and friends last spoke to Charlotte in October, nine months ago.

Yesterday, Charlotte's identical twin Denise said that while the breakdown of her relationship would have been upsetting, her sister is not prone to self pity.

"She's very strong minded.

"I think she would have been upset for a wee while, but she sort of has a wee bit of an attitude of 'dry your eyes and get on with it'," Denise said.

"(Charlotte is) very much her own boss – does her own thing and would think nothing of doing her own thing and worrying about it afterwards.

"(She) is a free spirit... but this is totally out of character.

"Charlotte, if you're out there, contact us," she added.

"Tell us where you are and tell us you're OK. Somebody somewhere knows something."

Michelle Mullan said the family-of-11 and her mother are "sick".

"Just put us out of our misery," she added, in a direct appeal to her sister. "We are just sick. We just don't know and we just need to know."

Charlotte's disappearance has taken a particularly heavy toll on her 59-year-old mother.

"At the very start she just kept thinking that Charlotte would come through the door, and she would say, 'Charlotte will be home'," Mrs Mullan said. "Every day is just so hard because we just know it's too long. She's trying to be strong for us and vice versa, but she is worried sick.

"I would see through it if she wasn't in contact for a wee while, but this is too long."

The Tyrone family believe that someone knows something about their sister's whereabouts.

Police have said they have no strong evidence to indicate that Charlotte is still in Northern Ireland or further afield.

"That's the reason for this appeal. It's essential that anyone who has any information or thinks they know anything that can help us with it, that they get in touch as soon as possible," PSNI area commander for Dungannon and Cookstown, Chief Inspector Jane Humphries, said.

Releasing a picture of Charlotte yesterday – following a previous public appeal in May – Inspector Humphries added: "I have three appeals.

"The first is to Charlotte: if you see this or hear this appeal, please get in touch. Present yourself to police, at any station, so that we can establish that you are safe.

"The second is to anyone who thinks they may have seen or spoken to Charlotte at any time since last October or November.

"We need to know when and where this encounter took place and what Charlotte was doing.

"Thirdly, we are appealing to anyone who knows where Charlotte is now or what might have happened to her.

"We need you to contact police for Charlotte's sake and for the sake of her family who are becoming increasingly anxious."

Police have set up a special telephone number for anyone with information about Charlotte. It is 028 3751 7390.

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