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Mystery Belfast punter scoops £1m scratchcard win at Tesco Knocknagoney store

By Paul Higgins

An unknown lucky punter was celebrating tonight after he won a cool £1 million on a National Lottery scratchcard.

The dark-haired man bought the £2 'Lucky 7' scratch card around 9pm at the Tesco Knocknagoney store and was so shocked at his fortune, he had to get a member of staff to check it for him.

Josh, a member of Tesco staff, said: "He came back in and asked me if our scratch cards were all real.

"I said 'yes of course they are' and he said 'I think I've won a large amount of money' so I was thinking he had won a few thousand maybe.

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"He showed me the card and I saw he had scratched off a six and a one so I said 'yes you've definitely won but how much'.

"He was covering what the prize was and when he moved it, I saw he had won £1 million. I was shocked myself but he said 'I think I have to go and sit in my car' and away he went."

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