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Mystery of Belfast man pictured carrying swan down street solved by wildlife charity

A picture of a man carrying a swan down a street in Belfast led many to speculate he had
A picture of a man carrying a swan down a street in Belfast led many to speculate he had "stolen" it (Stock image)

A wildlife rescue charity has moved to end online speculation after a man was pictured 'stealing' a swan in north Belfast.

A picture of a man carrying a swan went viral on social media, with many believing the man had "stolen" the swan from the Waterworks area.

But a Northern Ireland animal charity stepped in to reveal what actually happened on Saturday night.

Debbie Doolitte's Wild Life posted on Facebook: "Yesterday a poor guy was accused of stealing a swan from the waterworks. This has now gone viral with even local well know pages in Belfast sharing without having any facts!

"Doesn't surprise me at all!

"I was in contact with them yesterday as they were concerned about her.

"She's been sitting on the path edge all day as the younger ones have been bullying the older ones she was just exhausted.

"She was taken to the vet and checked then brought back shortly after.

"Please check your facts before abusing and dealing out accusations without knowing the full story!"

The wildlife charity posted pictures of correspondence between the charity and the man who rescued the swan.

The man contacted Debbie to say: "Hi Debbie, we need urgent assistance with a swan if you're about."

He then sends a picture of the swan sitting in the middle of the road.

He adds: "It's just lying there. It won't/can't move.

"People were letting their dogs run at it so we lifted it. It didn't move when even the dogs run at it. It looks like it has zero energy".

The man then took the exhausted animal to a local vets to be checked. The swan was then brought back shortly after.

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