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Mystery surrounds ‘Beast in the East’

A UVF leader, apparently known as ‘The Beast in the East’ is alleged to be behind the orchestration of the violence on the Newtownards road.

The PSNI has said it believes that UVF members in the east of the city are behind the disorder.

UVF guns are also believed to have been used in attempted murders of police officers.

This ‘Beast in the East’ is alleged to be the same man behind the erection of the UVF murals on the Newtwonards Road, and the UVF boycott of Brian Ervine who helped to repair £1,000 damages to St Matthew’s chapel.

However, a source has told the Community Telegraph that there are two UVF men vying for position in east Belfast, and that they had heard neither one’s name directly mentioned in connection with the violence. “Neither of them have been called The Beast in the East by anyone around here,” he added.

The ‘discontent’ of loyalists in east Belfast is apparently fuelled by a lack of political representation however its constitution states: “The UVF is independent of all political... ties and is governed by its own Brigade General Staff.”

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