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N Ireland lottery millionaires hit £1m jackpot two years after £20,000 win

Northern Ireland's newest lottery millionaires are celebrating hitting the jackpot just two years after another mammoth win.

Catherine Kidd, 38, and her husband Ciaran, 40, from Draperstown in Mid Ulster scooped £1 million in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker.

They won £20,000 in a Lotto Millionaire Raffle in November 2015 but this time have 50 times as much to play with.

Mrs Kidd said: "I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest as I sat in work for the rest of the day - trying to control my emotions and asking myself if this was really happening."

Liverpool FC season ticket holder and engineer Mr Kidd said he would be watching a few more matches on Merseyside while his youth worker wife said she would use the money to visit her family in Rochdale.

The couple have four young children between the ages of two and 10 and only broke the news to them on Thursday that 2017 will be an extra special Christmas.

Mrs Kidd said: "I'm sure there will be something extra special in the kids' stockings this year."

She was in work when the email arrived the day after the November 7 draw to say they had won something.

She asked her husband to check and he called back to say she must have given him the wrong details as the system was showing they had won a million pounds.

"He thought that I was winding him up and I thought that he was winding me up, but then he sent a screen shot to my phone and it all went a bit crazy after that."

She verified the win with the National Lottery.

"When I got home, Ciaran and I just stared at each other as if to say can you believe this is happening and gave each other a big hug.

"It was and still is totally surreal."

She said no major plans for spending the windfall had yet been drawn up.

"Already there is a tremendous sense of freedom, a lifting of pressure and the wonderful feeling that we will be able to spend more time together as a family.

"Obviously there are lots of things we might consider buying like a new car or a nice family holiday, but really the freedom to spend more quality time together as a family is priceless and we are so lucky and so grateful that the National Lottery has made this possible for us."

Her husband, who works as a machinist at Moyola Precision Engineering, said he was still pinching himself.

"We are very normal down-to-earth people who have been lucky to experience something that is far from normal and we feel very privileged to be in this position."


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