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Nama: Peter Robinson confirms appearance at finance committee hearing

By Jonathan Bell

DUP leader Peter Robinson has confirmed he is to appear before the Stormont Finance committee investigating the sale of the Nama portfolio in Northern Ireland.

The MLA has said he would appear and today confirmed he would provide oral evidence at a hearing on Wednesday, October 14.

The DUP leader was at the centre of explosive claims made by loyalist blogger Jamie Bryson at a hearing last month of the finance committee.

Mr Bryson alleged Mr Robinson and four named businessmen were to benefit financially from Northern Ireland’s biggest property deal.

He said his evidence for this statement was a document that he had “had sight of”. The Donaghadee loyalist said this document was now in the hands of the National Crime Agency (NCA).

But Mr Robinson insisted he had never expected nor received any money from the deal.

“I repeat, I neither received, expected to receive, sought, nor was I offered a single penny as a result of the Nama sale,” he said.

Four DUP members of the finance committee were the only MLAs to vote against Mr Bryson’s evidence being heard in a public session.

Mr Robinson branded Mr Bryson’s evidence as a “pantomime”.

He described the allegations “lack credibility and can have no evidential basis”.

“The scripted performance was little short of pantomime,” he said.

“It is outrageous that such scurrilous and unfounded allegations can be made without providing one iota of evidence.

“I am happy to appear before the committee.”

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